Awtar, printemps culturel du Haouz» Clôture en apothéose de la 1re édition



 Published: 30.03.2009 | 12:50 The Morning Journal

An impressive musical reflecting Morocco plural closed Sunday night, the first Festival "Awtar, cultural Haouz Spring" which brought together a host of musicians and singers from different musical backgrounds.

Several singers and musicians confirmed national successive stage during the evening closing to gratify an audience of all ages singing and dancing drawn from the national folklore, classical, Hassani music, or in the famous Aita of Atlas, all expressing the voice of Morocco plural.

Thus, the concert was attended Tamawayt with soprano of the Middle Atlas, Cherif Kersit the hot and vibrant voice, Amarg with "Bob Dylan" Souss Ammouri Mbarek, Batul Marouani, the virtuoso song Hassani and one of its most representative figures, the thousand and one facets of Ayta with the inevitable violinist Sheikh Benomar Ziani, or Maxime Karoutchi representing the Judeo-Arabic and one of its last heirs.

"More than a concert, it is a total spectacle to which we are invited. A beautiful and original CLO turing the first festival held its promise," welcomed the festival's director, Mohamed Ennaji.

After this first edition, the organizers stress that they do not intend to only add a name to the list of existing events. Rather, "the Rhamna Development Foundation", initiator of the Festival intends to contribute to the expression of cultural unity by hand, at the same time, its difference. It is well situated in a global project to strengthen the presence of a given space, to make its voice heard in the national scene, and thus enrich the debate around the social project.

Through this new cultural and artistic now be in continuity appointment, the organizers explain that face today's challenges, culture is, more than ever, the order of the day, being at heart of "identity preservation and development of future projects. It is the engine of evolution."

And estimate that "no project of global development partnership was he or regional, can not do without it."

In this sense, the President of the Foundation, Fouad Ali El Himma, said the momentum behind the work of the Foundation, however, is far from a spring in the regional considerations.

Such action is not part of either a more conscious of arithmetic voice of questioning the status quo economic and social electioneering approach.

Rather it refers, he says, to reflect nationwide that considers the perspectives of development of our country remain reduced as a considerable part of the territory will not be included.

Mr. El Himma, "today, the conditions are met to hope to address these challenges through an effort that United can be found local authorities and civil society." "The project is then a challenge and promises to be a pioneering work to impact beyond the scope of the region," he said.

"This is a project spanning the long term is required and must strive to put in place the conditions for a dynamic center of change," he added.

The Festival is erect, four days in a cultural and festive appointment with a rich and varied entertainment, including a historical overview of Moroccan song.

Among the highlights of the event, the organization of a symposium in honor of the intellectual and historian of modernity, Abdallah Laroui.

The 7th Art is not to be outdone, the festival devoted Palestinian cinema was honored with the screening of films about the daily suffering of the Palestinian people and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The visual arts were also on the menu with an exhibition of works by the late painter self Miloud Lebied from the region. Dominated by the circular key fragments, barely visible to the human body, the work of Lebied remains haunted by childhood memories.

By its antique flea clothing and rarity of its exhibitions, its silence leaving his works speak for themselves, the artist was in Being and not Appear.

Another highlight of the festival: the fantasia or Tbourida whose style differs from one region to another. But riders Rhamna are recognized for their technical expertise and timeliness, especially in the setting.

However, changes in society related to modernization have seriously affected. The Foundation has made the preservation of the cultural heritage objective.

Guests side, illustrious personalities and internationally renowned artists were present, including the undisputed star of Rai Cheb Khaled and "maestro" national Moha Oulhoucina Achibane.

The first edition of the Festival "Awtar, cultural Haouz Spring" was held from March 26 to 29 in the current initiative Rhamna Foundation for Sustainable Development.

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