Lisbeth Buonanno designer's profile

Born in Antibes, Lisbeth Buonanno is a graduate of the I.N.A.L.C.O institute in Paris. She then spent few years abroad in Beijing creating her own fashion workshop. She came back to France to assume a position of Haute Couture assistant designer for the house of Hanae-Mori(Japanese Designer) in Paris. 

But, she needed more creative freedom. She moved again to Asia facing other challenges that could possibly face any young designer. She participated with the Nouveaux Créateurs to the French Fashion Furor 2000 in Singapore and won Cartier's support. Knowing well that she needed more expertise, she came back again to Paris and worked as "responsable de spectacles" at Bastille Opera.  

Very much attracted by the 17th Century, she specialised in the design of royal garnment and she has striven to give back toit a sense of unbridled force and creativity. She has conceived, designed and created costumes worthy of an opera in the grand style of Mignard. By hard work and love of her art she has won wide acclaim. Her passion and unshakeable faith have in turn inspired professional and technical organisations. Their support and the encouragement of others associated with this project from near and far, have enabled her to complete a truly long term creation. BNP Paribas Private Bank comissionned her two XVIIth century costumes that wil be shown in different events.
Her creative work has finally won its due recognition. The Regional Chambers of Arts invited her to exhibit her costumes at the Carrousel du Louvre. Her stand was judged the centre of excellence of the whole show. Mr. Jean-Paul Huchon Ile-de-France President offered his personal support and congratulations.

The Lisbeth Buonanno signature line features a dualism between her minimalist design concepts and her baroque-influenced style. Her timeless creations alternate between sobriety and frivolity. Though historical and cultural themes continue to provide inspiration for her ebullient prints and embroidered corsets, at times seductive or adorned while at other times golden shimmers, the manner in which they are combined reveals an upbeat touch of elegance and femininity.

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