Lisbeth Buonanno Profile as a painter artist

photolbpeinturesep2006 Lisbeth Buonanno enjoys a reputation as a fine colourist. She was born in 1961. From early childhood, Lisbeth poured her energies into drawing, and later painting.

She was noticed by Malcolm de Chazal renowned writer and painter from Mauritius Island who trained her in art, using only white and black colours. She was her only student ever. By the age of 15, she was exhibiting paintings in gallery in the southern part of France. The child prodigy was rewarded as she entered a Fine Art school, but then abandoned the idea at her father's death. Her path then became very atypical. She obtained a scholarship for China in Economics, but her talent was within herself ready to explode. Lisbeth artistic education continued there and during extended travels abroad.

She was captivated by the people of Asia, and devoted her attention to capturing the changing patterns of light and colour on cloths. After that Lisbeth dabbled in a number of different jobs but it seems that she may have decided to become a full-time painter and designer.  She was then hired as a stylist in high Fashion and worked for Hanaë-Mori.
Although Lisbeth works primarily in oil, she uses it as if it were watercolour (a technique she employs when producing fashion sketches).

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Lisbeth Buonanno designer's profile

Born in Antibes, Lisbeth Buonanno is a graduate of the I.N.A.L.C.O institute in Paris. She then spent few years abroad in Beijing creating her own fashion workshop. She came back to France to assume a position of Haute Couture assistant designer for the house of Hanae-Mori(Japanese Designer) in Paris. 

But, she needed more creative freedom. She moved again to Asia facing other challenges that could possibly face any young designer. She participated with the Nouveaux Créateurs to the French Fashion Furor 2000 in Singapore and won Cartier's support. Knowing well that she needed more expertise, she came back again to Paris and worked as "responsable de spectacles" at Bastille Opera.  

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