Spring Cultural Haouz: What the Feast begins!

La Gazette

N°616 - 20 Mars 2009

Spring Cultural Haouz: What the Feast begins!

20 Mars 2009

From 26 to 29 March Benguérir is preparing to pay tribute to the modern Moroccan song.

A white tent installed on the poppy fields. The black curtain opens on a stage decorated in an artistic way with a backdrop painted by the artist Lisbeth Buonanno. All bathed in a soft blue light. On the walls are hung like flying carpets, portraits of the great figures that marked the national music scene. Thus was the stage where artists showing in the first edition of Awtar occur. The goal: to scroll, like crossfade, 40 choruses of modern Moroccan song. And appeal to young hopefuls, who shone in the major events organized throughout the Arab world, Laila Gouchi Saad Lamjarred Hajar Adnane, Bader, Meryem Benmir, Jraifi Youssef Mohamed Reda El Leila Berrak Aziz Bouhdada Halima Alaoui and Hatim Ammour. Led by Ahmed Cherkani, a maestro as young as they and forty musicians, they will perform during three concerts that are coming memorable, over forty pieces, part of the memory if the imagination of all Moroccans.
In addition to the shows, tribute to the song and its pioneers includes:
The exhibition of the iconic figures of our directory,
the holding of an open and friendly forums around "the Moroccan song yesterday and today" together songwriters, composers, performers and writers,
The projection of 30 episodes of the show "Filbali oughnyatoun" broadcast by the first national chain, and the publication of the book memories "30 choruses from memory, tubes Moroccan variety".
Pay tribute to the pioneers celebrate our young stars, all in order to develop, in an original and entertaining way, a fragment of our identity. That is the challenge of Awtar, organized by the Benguerir Rhamna Foundation, in the hinterland, away from the light of the big cities!

Festival de Benguérir, Awtar, Maroc

Decor Benguérir Festival 2009

Canvas 12mx4m






Festival de Benguerir, Maroc

Painted canvas backdrop 12mx4m underway.
















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