Brazilian Fever Shoe







Creation of the brand and logo Lisbeth Buonanno

Genuine leather, made in Italy, palteforme Italian artisans, French design. Aliveshoes' hq in Italy combined office spaces, warehouse space and a community. It's Located in the heart of italian Shoe Valley, five minutes from industrial facilities and from the shoe developers network.

ALIVESHOES is an easy-to-use platform That EMPOWERs people and brands to design and sell Their Own shoes online. No risk, low cost and lots of fun. Our users Their shoe design in Every detail, choose entre 50,000 combinations, customize labels, packaging and create Their online shop. Users start to collect pre orders for one month, If They get to a minimum of fifteen peer of shoes shoes sold, AliveShoes Produces the shoes in Italy and we ship to customers Within Their oven to six weeks.

Brazilian Fever Boxer shoe

New fashion concept with limited edition designed by all overtheworld beta tester designers 

Brazilian Fever is a shoe for She and He. It gives you the power to catch the frenzy trends on the bounce. Wear it and be ahead of the curve with 2014 Soccer World Cup. With Brazilian Fever Shoe swing along 50 shades of Brazilian Life Style.

Creating period shoes

 My creations are unique, they are made in the "spirit of the time." The shoes can be over-embroidered, accessorized with Swarovski earrings ... The price is adjusted according to specific customer requirements.

Contact me using the email on the website.

Clothing and Accessories






Pictures of Frédéric Germond.

French Fashion Furor 2000, Singapore

copie_de_frenchfashionfuror2000afficheFrench Fashion Furor 2000


The new fashion designers

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Baroque shoes


Creations of vintage shoes for men and women, seventeenth century French. 

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