French Alliance of Designers

Design = Draw purposely = Win-Win Solutions = = Growth ... In professional meetings AFD during the International Design Biennial in Saint-Etienne, this exhibition is a look at some basic design, with the participation of AFD members and students ESADSE, who sent a preparatory drawing of a design project, following our appeal "AFD's dress." From November 20 to December 5, Bureau of designers, the Agora Platinum. plan

The exhibition consists of a triptych signage outside the Office of designers, a composite work of design, designed with the preparatory drawings of space designers, messages or products, Hugues-Marie Bornecque Lisbeth Buonanno, François Colonna, Raphaële Enjary Bruno Lefebvre, Gerard Marty, Olaf Mühlmann, Nicole Perignon, Jessica Perilhou, Olivier Philipponneau, Ewen Prigent, Annelise Pucci, Sebastian Terral, Yvan Teypaz and design students ESADSE Alice Alvarado, Anne Sophie Cocq, Olivia Flandin, Christine Frenot, Arnaud Gauthier, Andy Gehin, Jade Guillaux, Michael Pack, Alexander Rempel, Arnaud Rouvet created by François Caspar, designer of messages.

These preparatory drawings are reproduced in their entirety on 8 panels within the Office of designers. © 2010 AFD and the respective authors.



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