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Lisbeth Buonanno was the only student of Malcolm de Chazal (naive painter of Mauritius and writer). She followed her particularly focused instruction nonochromie. Back in France, she then took an exam in Fine Arts and won first prize. His works are exhibited from the age of 15, in Antibes.
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Commissioning a work of art is a unique collaboration between the artist and client. Whether you have a vision for the perfect piece or just an idea of what you like, it’s an inspiring approach to obtaining a piece of art that is one of a kind and special to you.

I thoroughly enjoy taking on commissioned projects when the time allows, and would love to discuss the details of your envisioned piece with you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the process. 

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A few extra things to note about Commissioned Work…

  • I paint primarily from photo reference I take myself and edit in photoshop. More often than not I have images that will fit your vision, but I am always open to exploring any photos you may have of people or places. I so I will need several pictures to choose the one that inspire me. If none does the job I won't take the commission work. at is important when making an art copy is not to transcribe what is anectodic but rather to identify from the work as a whole what characterizes it, how according to his own emotion, the artist I am trying to get into the era. I use techniques for rendering and not as a finality. What matters to me is the light that emanates from the master piece.
  • Generally there is no limit when it comes to size and format of the piece. I can work anywhere from 5”x5” up to 48”x48” in any variety of dimensions that fit your vision best. 
  • Shipping is an additional cost and will be determined when the piece is packed, measured, and weighed. Pricing will vary depending on the final destination, but an estimated shipping cost can be discussed before it is shipped. I will be sure to find the best rates possible while also ensuring your piece is safely packed.  Work in progress or compleeted below:
  • Work in progress

IMG 8643 

  • An initial consultation via email explores your vision for the piece. I usually do 3 sketches. At this point we will discuss the details of what you have in mind regarding subject matter, style, and size, allowing for a preliminary estimate to be provided. I will than regularly send you via email the update of the project.
  • Once a final composition is agreed upon, an estimated timeline and payment schedule is determined.
  • A 50% installment is required once the paint application begins.
  • Upon completion, and approval by yourself, the final payment is due before the piece can be shipped.




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